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Mary-Anne Leslie
Artist | Professional | Traditional Art
United States
I'm from Vancouver Canada originally and now reside in Arizona. After taking Graphic Design and Illustration in college I decided I would also like to study classical animation which is now basically obsolete but did it ever hone my drawing skills! After experimenting with many mediums and techniques I fell in love with ballpoint pen when I needed a fast and inexpensive method for a job I was not making any money on. I've illustrated a couple of books for people who self published, and have sold several paintings and done murals in between for the cash. As you can probably tell, my favorite subjects to draw are anything Romantic, and I'm particularly fond of costume.


You Precious Thing by Maryanneleslie
You Precious Thing
A little tribute to one of the best movies evar, Labyrinth. Most of the time spent was on her hair. So deliciously 80's.
Ballpoint pen
The Annunciation of Cinderella by Maryanneleslie
The Annunciation of Cinderella
Continuing my exploration of Princess Saints, the Princess of Princesses, Cinderella. In the Grimms version she is at her mother's grave when she receives the dress, which I thought was interesting, fairy godmother/angel? But mostly I based this on Perrault's version, and made her dress similar to the time when that was published. But the choker in the Disney version is so chic, I had to leave it in, even though I believe pearls would have been more likely. I may have added an occult symbol as well just to keep everyone on their toes.
Snow White by Maryanneleslie
Snow White
I have an urge to interpret the "Disney" princesses. I like to draw them in historically accurate costume, but I can't bear to see a woman's hair all clamped down like it was from the 16th to 19th century (don't quote me I'm not an historian) Especially the Tudor era when they wore those silly little hats that look like a house. So I let some tendrils escape. Here is the moment when the evil queen disguised, tempts her with an apple. Much like Eve and the Snake. I'm also fond of the halos depicted in illustrations of saints, so I included one for Saint Snow. Ballpoint pen and paper.
Hee Hee I'm in the thing! ☺️ my Cinderella that is
Fan Art Friday: Cinderella
Cinderella and her glass slipper have become a modern day institution since Disney’s classic film debuted 65 years ago. The tale we’ve come to know today originated in Europe, but its roots can be traced as far back as Ancient Egypt where we find the original “Cinderella,” a Greek slave girl named Rhodopis who goes on to marry the king of Egypt. The Cinderella plot is so popular and widespread it has earned its own classification of type 510A, “the persecuted heroine” in the Aarne–Thompson system which helps identify and classify recurring plot patterns in traditional folk and fairy tales. The variations and adaptations of this tale differ quite drastically and are estimated to range anywhere from 345 to over 1,500. Let’s explore just two of the most popular ones.

Author/Curator: spotted
Designer: seoul-child

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Strike your own Time by Maryanneleslie
Strike your own Time
I have wanted to do something for my favorite movie, The Last Unicorn (also a favorite book) for a long time. I'm going to meet Peter S Beagle on the movie tour tomorrow, and offer this to him as a gift, because the story has given me so much joy and inspiration my whole life. I'm nervous I won't know what to say. The book is beautiful, magical, funny, and full of wisdom. I highly recommend it, and the movie of course. If you know the movie you'll notice I changed the era of her dress, I actually did the sketch last year when I was particularly obsessed with time-accurate costume, and I wanted her to wear something that could conceivably coexist with a mechanical clock. This one also happens to be a magical portal so in hindsight it doesn't matter. I included one of the best quotes from the book, which is part of an even longer quote.

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